Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunnybank sojourn: A real Brisbane Food Adventure!!!

I'm always on the lookout for new food adventures around Brisbane.  My favourite stomping ground at the moment is Brisbane's Asian mecca: Sunnybank.  I used to think Chinatown in the Valley was where it was at, Asian style.  But Sunnybank is a lot more authentic and features a whole lot more choices in Asian cuisine.  From Japanese to Vietnamese to Chinese to Malaysian - Sunnybank has it all.

Recently I've taken to heading to Sunnybank on a Saturday or Sunday lunchtime with a few friends to get my dim sum on, or try out the pho at a hole in the wall noodle place in one of the shopping enclaves.  Afterwards with bellies fit to burst, we tend to stray into the Sunnybank Plaza or Market Square to fossick amongst the $2 shops and food stores and to see how Sunnybankers kick it on the weekend.

During one of these afternoon sojourns we stumbled upon a few gems in Sunnybank Plaza which must be on your to visit list if you're planning an excursion down Sunnybank way.

Ma Baker

We were first drawn to this place cos it sounds funny IT'S MA BAKER!!  Yehyeh!

It's pretty close to MOS Burger so I recommend you check this place out for dessert after you've had your yakiniku rice burger meal deal.  Grab a tray and some tongs and you can put together a delicious array of Asian bakery treats to take home for your eating pleasure!


If Ma Baker hasn't quelled your appetite and you need more Asian bakery delights, head inside Sunnybank Plaza and check out Breadtop.  These Asian style bakeries are pretty ubiquitous these days and are springing up all over Brisbane - including in the Myer Centre and Edward Street in the City.

I mean where else can you get a cake shaped like a cute doggy?

Or a bamboo charcoal roll that "eases the digestive system, helping discharge impurities and unhealthy substances from stomach"?  Just tasted like burnt garlic bread actually.

Hotcake House

But nothing could have prepared us for the unbelievable deliciousness of piping hot Tokyo pancakes from Hotcake House!!!

It's situated right near Landmark inside the shopping centre opposite Sunrise Butcher.  The cheery staff stand there all day churning out these tasty pancakes, filling them with gooey delicious centres such as chocolate, strawberry, coconut, redbean and even corn.  YUMYUMYUM!  You just cannot go to Sunnybank without eating these treats.  Chocolate is definitely my favourite:

OH YEAH!!!  "It is either to eat with hot made cake or after keep in the fridge" according to signs at the establishment.  My advice is eat them hot and as quickly as possible!
Hot Cake House on Urbanspoon

Sunrise Butcher

And the final stop in your Sunnybank Plaza excursion should be my new favourite butcher "Sunrise" just opposite Hotcake House.  This place is FANTASTIC!  Not only do they have delicious chinese roasted meats glistening and dripping with fat in the front window...

...but they have the sexiest and CHEAPEST array of pork and beef I've ever seen...
Not only that, but they have a good range of frozen crocodile meat, spatchcock and quail as well as dried de-boned duck.  Definitely where I'll be going to get the meats for my next dinner party!


  1. Awesome review. As I live two minutes away from Sunnybank Plaza I will definitely have to go there and try these things out. I pass by each of these places frequently on a weekend but have yet to try any of them. Good to know what I'm missing!

  2. OK so weirdly I have now been alerted to the fact that there is a Boney M song called Ma Baker!! Enjoy this clip from Youtube:

  3. that song is exactly what i think of everytime i walk past that shop...

  4. Hi there,

    Thanks for reviewing some of our stores at Sunnybank Plaza. We really enjoyed reading about your experiences and hope you will visit again soon. We’ve got heaps more authentic Asian cuisines scattered all around the Centre. Next time you’re here you might like to try some of our favourite dishes, like the Lemongrass Chicken at Vietnam Corner (in the carpark area at the Northern end of the Centre) or the great value Taiwanese lunches at Ho Chia Takeaway near the Post Office. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

    Warm regards,
    Sunnybank Plaza team

  5. Thanks for the tips Sunnybank Plaza - will put these ones on the hitlist for shiz. I'm in fact hanging out to go to the Neway Karaoke Restaurant and Bar down the road sometime - looks like a classic!

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