Friday, April 22, 2011

Meat sweats and cow vomit at MooMoo

Usually I am prejudiced against restaurants that are attached to hotels.  In Australia, they are almost always awful, usually featuring some sort of sad buffet with day old seafood.

MooMoo is another story.  Located in the same building as the Stamford Plaza, it offers some of the best steak in town.  The bar area is also really wonderful.  It feels very secluded and plush, with lots of comfy seats and cushions as well as candles.  The best place to sit is out on the deck area that overlooks the Stamford Plaza courtyard (i.e. the Pav Bar area).  While you sit up in the trees sipping wine from Moo Moo's very impressive winelist, you can gaze down at the great unwashed masses milling around in the Pav Bar and feel, well, superior!

We spent a little time on the deck, as although it was a Tuesday, we were told there were no tables in the restaurant until 8pm!  The place was pumping.  And so we nibbled on some bar food and sipped on our wine until our table was ready.

When we were lead through to the restaurant we went by a glass case that featured great aging hunks of beef hanging on hooks.  All I can say is..... awesome.

The menu at MooMoo is quite daunting.  There is an a la carte menu which does feature one vegetarian dish, but if you turn the page, you come upon a page long list of different types of beef steaks and whatnot.  The prices are also pretty daunting, so bring your credit card.

We began with a few nibbles including some delicious beef carpaccio with apple matchsticks and caperberries.  The tastes and textures really worked together and it was a great way to kick off the meatfest that was to follow.

We also tried the bread with carrot salsa and MooMoo Jus.  The most hilarious thing was that the jus was brought out in a little cow shaped milk jug.  The kind of thing you would find in an op shop or nana's house.  And yes, the jus comes out of the cow's mouth.  Who knew that cow vomit could be so delicious?

We chose a "meal deal" for our mains which was perfect for a party of three and cost $140.  It was a wagyu rump roast, covered in delicious spices, which they brought out and carved at the table.  It was juicy and pink on the inside and charred and intensely flavoured on the outside.  The sides were also really simple and delicious - kipflers in duck fat and a rocket and parmasen salad.

Halfway through the main we began to slow down as the meat sweats took effect. 

There was no room for dessert and we rolled out of there at 11pm on a school night, full and quite boozed (although thankfully, they forgot to bring out our second bottle of wine as that would have sent us over the edge I suspect).
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