Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tales from a crumbling metropolis: Hong Kong food blog

A year ago, my husband and I visited expat friends in Hong Kong. It was the trip that sparked my food blog as upon returning home, I realised that most of the photos I had taken were of food!

From raw meat hanging in a dirty alleyway, to congee steaming in a big pot, to high end haute cuisine in a Macau casino, to soup dumplings, to dim sum, to drunken pigeon, to dining in a private kitchen hidden in an office building, to poncing around the old school China Club, it was the food binge of a lifetime.

To see the foodblog photos and commentary, click on this facebook link and be prepared to drool!


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  2. Nice. I always wanted to go to Hong Kong. Good photos you have there.

  3. I do like your blog, I have seen you have an article about Brisbane but now I do not find it anymore.