Thursday, September 2, 2010

Treacle letdown

Treacle is a word that conjures up some strange associations for me.  I think of Enid Blyton books, the 1940s and old ladies.  To me it's some sort of olde worlde sticky bitter sweet ingredient that you make magical puddings from, or Amelia Jane would have tarred and feathered someone with. 

These are the kinds of things that popped into my brain when I was invited to a birthday breakfast at Treacle Cafe, Grange (  I pictured a benevolent old granny with tuckshop lady arms serving me up all kinds of home made jams, hand churned butter and farmhouse eggs with soldiers.

The reality of Treacle Cafe was not quite as enchanting.  To be honest, it was pretty average.

The first problem was the 20 minutes it took to bring the coffee.  If there is one thing you do not want to do, it is hold back on my coffee.

The second problem was that they were really trying to do too much with the menu.  There were way too many things on it.  And while a lot of them sounded totallly awesome, when they came out they were just..... meh.

I ordered the free range eggs benedict on organic cornbread topped with fresh hollandaise with treacle's homemade salmon gravlax.  I know, doesn't it sound deliciously wholesome?  But again.... meh.  

The cornbread was too crusty and bready - I prefer the sweeter juicier style cornbread with polenta in it.  The poached eggs were perfectly cooked (which is something I absolutely adore) but they were completely smothered in hollandaise.  And while I am a lover of hollandaise, it was too thick and gluggy and was actually a bit cold.  And couldn't they have tried a bit harder with the presentation?

I'm not saying it was bad, I'm just saying it wasn't particularly fab - and I'd just been to Pearl the day before for breakfast so maybe I was expecting too much.  One good thing were the prices - quite reasonable with an average of $12 to $15.

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