Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Duck Egg Surprise at Pearl Cafe

Pearl Cafe - the only place in Brisbane I have seen that serves up duck eggs for breakfast.  Big, fat, yolky and delicious duck eggs.  Just what you need early on a Saturday morning while more than a little hungover.

They brought me coffee as I perched on a little stool outside, waiting for a table and peering out from under my dark glasses (no availability at 9.15am??).  I had heard that the waitstaff were a bit rude here but honestly I had no complaints.  They just had that whole "I'm a super alternative see look at my indie headscarf" kind of air which can be a little off-putting to some but as Woolloongabba seems to have become the new Valley or West End, it is to be expected.

Pearl's breakfast menu reads like a who's who (or what's what??) of rustic gourmet ingredients with their homemade baked beans, calabrese sausage, brioche eggy bread and such.  Pretentious?  Yes - but I was loving it.

I ordered this: 


Crusty bread with chorizo in a tomato based sauce, topped with one big sticky oozing fried duck egg.  This was one hell of a breakfast which I enjoyed in a leisurely fashion, pricking the yolk with my fork and letting it drizzle down onto the rest of the meal, soaking up the excess with the bread.  The only complaint I would have is that the chorizo was probably a little too chewy but the taste was excellent - smoky!

Another thing that really took my fancy was the cakes and goodies laid out on the bar bench.  
I really liked how they just whack them right out there, like you're at a CWA bakeoff - there for all to see.  No need for a glass case, separating you from the goodies, they are right there for the taking!

This is not what I would call a cheap breakfast - I paid about $19 for my duck egg surprise but I really do think it was worth it.  This place does meet the hype in my opinion.  I will be back to try the dinner menu for sure.

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