Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You don't make friends with salad

Friday's (http://www.fridays.com.au/) is one of those places that is a bit of an institution. It's one of those places that everyone has been to - either at lunchtime for a steak and some beers, or at 2am when nowhere else will let you in.

Despite the fact it used to be better about 10 years ago when you could get dollar drinks on Thursday nights, it's still the place you'll end up at the end of the night dancing to Madonna and Britney with about 3 hen's parties.

But I'm not here to talk about my misspent youth - rather let's focus on the food.  Friday's has two dining options that operate day and night - one is the Waterline Restaurant (a fairly tacky and overpriced bistro) and the other is the Terrace Grill.

Along with a large proportion of corporate types who work along Eagle Street, I am a frequenter of the Terrace Grill for that impromptu "let's have a beer" type of lunch that invariably happens on a Friday when you're so close to the weekend you can taste it, and really can't face Friday afternoon without the assistance of alcohol.  And what a lovely place to spend such an afternoon - sitting out in the sun, looking out at the iconic Story Bridge, sampling a few ales.

What you need to do when you visit Friday's is order a STEAK or a BURGER!!  Deviation from this method can result in disastrous consequences (refer below).  For example, this wagyu burger with iceberg, jarlsberg and beetroot relish is the kind of thing you want to steer towards so that you are only mildly disappointed rather than revolted at what is served up.

I mean, it was ok, but it was the kind of burger that you would probably pay $4 for at a Church fete.  And were they kidding with that pitiful mini bowl of chips?

But whatever you do, do not ever EVER ever order a salad at Friday's.  I've done it twice now, under the influence of some misguided notion that I would eat something healthy to offset the beer calories, and I've definitely learnt my lesson people.  The most recent mishap is pictured below.

This is apparently the shredded chicken, wombok, hot mint, coconut & nashi salad with chilli and lime.  The description actually sounds kind of nice - a bit interesting, you know, a kind of fresh tasting Asian delight with a bit of tang and crunch, not to mention "hot mint" whatever that is.

But as you can see from the photo, what it was was a small, roughly chopped pile of cabbage with a couple of woeful dregs from the carcass of yesterday's bbq chicken, doused in coconut milk.  And I can't really comment as to whether there was any nashi.

It was a rookie error to order a salad from Friday's - please learn from this cautionary tale to avoid the sadness and food envy that I suffered that day.

But despite being forced to pay $16 for this despicable excuse for a salad, I will be back to Friday's.  It's like death and taxes - next time that Friday afternoon lethargy kicks in that can only be cured by a juicy yet substandard burger washed down by a couple of schooners of Stella, I'll be back again.
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  1. I think maybe you've had one too many beers, i think the food there is great, it always tastes fresh and delicious.

  2. That 'cabbage'? that's actually 'wombok'. Wombok is the proper name for 'Chinese Cabbage'.

    What else would you expect?